Italian Property Research


Italian Property Research is a union of Lawyers, Surveyors, Engineers, Accountants and Estate Agents with a synergic cooperation as well with the Notaries. The offices are in Italy providing to assistance to individuals living anywhere outside of Italy. There are law professionals regarding Italian unclaimed assets and inheritance filing procedures as prescribed by the Italy’s tax authority, (Agenzia delle entrate).

Our services include assisting private clients in Canada, Australia, USA and UK in communicating with Italian banks and municipalities (Comuni) in obtaining official documents such as birth & death certificates, Italian real estate tax information, property valuations for sale purposes and other certificates required by Italian law.

In the context of Italian inheritances and subsequent transfer of title to property in Italy our office prepares and files Declarations of Succession. Our expert staff will clarify the rights of prospective heirs and obtain the necessary supporting vital records prior to recording the transfer of property in Italy.

If you have family or roots in Italy and have lost track of the estate of the royal family or other activities, it would be wise, before any rulings or limitations runs out, to get more information.

We are specialists in finding your property at the Land Cadastre Offices and at the Conservatory of the Real Estate Register.

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