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If you have family or roots in Italy and have lost track of the estate of the royal family or other activities, it would be wise, before any rulings or limitations runs out, to get more information.

We are specialists in finding your property at the Land Cadastre Offices and at the Conservatory of the Real Estate Register. In Italy today, have digitized much of the data relating to real estate on computerized records going back many years. More recently, the criteria for the search for the specific title may also include a historical approach that shows many of the former owners of a specific property along with their dates of birth, places of birth and useful genealogical references.

This is necessary to regularize the documents and gain full ownership in respect of the Italian law.

Our organization is composed of Lawyers, Surveyors, Engineers, Accountants and Estate Agents with a synergic cooperation as well with the Notaries, we are specialized to assist you to solve all your problems

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